If you want a low cost solution, you may want to look at a kinux server
running Squid with Squidguard. Squid comes with most Linux distributions
and Squidguard can be obtained from These are open
source software solutions. Your cost will be the computer to run Linux
and whatever training you need. You can either purchase Linux on cd or
download it for free (you need a fast internet connection. My
recommendation would be either RedHat or Debian. RedHat has an excellent
support system (RedHat Network, Phone support, email support, etc).
Debian has an excellent list serve system where many people answer
questions. I haven't worked with Debian as much so I can't answer about
other support options.

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I provide technology support for the Community High School of Vermont
which operates within the Vermont Department of Corrections.  Our
existing student/classroom set up is computer labs on a local area
network with no Internet connections. We want to set up a pilot at one
of our community campuses in the Burlington area that with suitable
filtering and restrictions will allow students access the internet.  I
have no direct experience with setting up such a connection and would
appreciate input from other technologists on the current best practices
for controlling internet access security.

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