Here in ANWSU we are using FileMaker to track student progress through the
use of our automated profile system and we use SASIxp for student
management. While we have been planning to move summary data from FileMaker
into SASI to keep a students profile data as well as other test scores but
it looks like it will be easier to store all of the data in FileMaker.

Our goal over the next couple of years is to expand our profile system to
incorporate standards based report cards , test scores, and to make the data
available on the web.

-Bob Owens

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Subject: Winschool and Standards Based Report Cards

> Greetings...
> Have any Winschool users been successful in creating and using a standards
> based report card?  Additionally, is anyone using Winschool for storage of
> assessment data...successfully?
> Thanks,
> Cindy O'Hara
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> St. Albans Town Educational Center