We've been using FileMaker on Mac servers (FileMaker maven Roger
Crowley in charge) for years without experiencing any such problems.  We
now have Richard Smith's SpEdDocs database being served to all our
Special Educators for a Win2K server and  haven't seen any problems with
that one yet either.

I'd guess that's about what you are going to hear from the 2000 rabid
FileMakerPro fans who are about to respond to your message. :-)


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I was wondering if anyone can tell me how stable file maker pro is
running on a network.  My concerns are the result of a program that
nurses are using to track health records which was writen in file
 We have had nothing but problems with file corruption.  I have to
rebuild files manually at least once a month and on serveral past
occassions even rebuilding the files did not repair all records.  The
health program was writen in 5.0 and is running through 5.5 loaded on
each users desktop.

Given the problems that I have encountered with this one program I
would be very leary of using this product on a network for student

I would love any advise which may help understand why the nursing
program corrupts so often.  I have developed database program in
other systems and never experienced the level of error that I have
file maker.

Thank you,

Michael carper

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We are in our second year of recording standards electronically. Our
management system is SASIxp which does not handle grading by standards
so we
also created a standards-based report card using FileMaker Pro. If you
like to know more or get a demo copy to look at contact Kevin Bataille
<[log in to unmask]>. It does more than reporting standards.

Roger Crowley
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On 10/15/2002 8:10 AM, "Bill Kimball"
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> Cindy et al -
> We have been looking at this for two and half years here at Lamoille
> South.  The current problem is that e-class can be made to grade by
> standards, but WinSchool does not have the storage capability to
> historical record of each student achieving each standard.
> will only hold 200 additional fields for each student.  If I recall
> correctly, there are 360+ standards for student to achieve.
> So what is our solution?  We are creating Filemaker Pro databases
> interact with WinSchool to track Students via standards.
> If you would like to know more e-mail me back channel.
> Bill
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> Subject: Winschool and Standards Based Report Cards
> Greetings...
> Have any Winschool users been successful in creating and using a
> standards
> based report card?  Additionally, is anyone using Winschool for
> of
> assessment data...successfully?
> Thanks,
> Cindy O'Hara
> Operations Supervisor
> St. Albans Town Educational Center