I should note that these "Tech Briefs" are perfect for those in Vermont who
are responsible for technology planning because they follow - exactly - the
format of our transitional technology plans.

These resources are accumulated according to the 13 specific requirements
under NCLB and therefore align perfectly with our planning process. We were
fortunate to be able to influence the structure of this resource to align
with our technology plans.

This is one of the best resources for technology planning around!!!

Bill Romond

Educational Technology Coordinator
Vermont Department of Education
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-2501
(802) 828-0064 (V)
(802) 828-3140 (F)
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Subject: NEIRTEC Creates Tech Briefs for NCLB Planners

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation emphasizes the importance of
leveraging the power of technology in all areas of K-12 education, from
reading to science to special education. As a result, education leaders at
the state and local levels are expected to develop plans that effectively
employ technology to enhance learning and increase student achievement.
Accurate, up-to-date information about using technology to improve
curriculum, assessment, and teaching is vital to inform educational leaders
as they plan their NCLB programs.

In response, the Northeast and Islands Regional Technology Consortium
(NEIRTEC) has created a series of Technology Briefs for NCLB planners. The
topics of these Technology Briefs were selected to reflect the U.S.
Department of Education requirements for state and local applications, and
they provide NCLB planners with effective strategies, key questions to
consider, and selected resources that will inform the application and
planning process.

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Tracey Pearson
on behalf of
Philip Hyjek
Information Technology Specialist
VISMT/The Vermont Institutes