Several years ago the VITA-Learn Board (28 members), the majority of which
were school or district technology coordinators, was asked by the Department
of Education if there was a need for any kind of certification for
coordinators or others who work in schools to implement educational
technology programs.

That VITA-Learn board responded by recommending two levels of endorsement -
Technology Coordinators and Technology Resource teachers (those who work at
the classroom level with teachers and/or students). Those recommendations
led to two draft endorsements (emphasize the word DRAFT) that have been
OK'ed by the Stte Standards Board to be brought to the field for comment.

I believe those draft endorsements will be part of a public comment process
that will take place some time late this fall or early in the winter.

When the comment process is opened I will be sure to announce it via this
list so people can voice their constructive comments to influence the
endorsement process.


Bill Romond

Educational Technology Coordinator
Vermont Department of Education
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-2501
(802) 828-0064 (V)
(802) 828-3140 (F)
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Subject: Qualifications

What are some good qualifications for an IT Coordinator?
Do most look for a degree or an industry standard certification

Are there any state certifications for this Title?  Are there any plans
for one?

I'm pushing for MS technology proficient support staff.  I would like to
have techies take an MCP test every 18 months.  Is this asking to much?