NASA Space Materials used to be stored at Vermont College. They decided to
remove all materials (landfill) during the summer and I managed to salvage
several boxes of materials that will be at VermontFest for teachers to take
back to school. All is free for the taking!

Let your teachers know about these materials.
Posters, Card Games, Videos, Books, CD's, old Floppy Disk programs, Slides
and much more... Prints/Posters are great for bulletin boards, book covers,
collages, lessons... ?

There is even a Sony Umatic Videocassette Recorder (3/4 inch tape format).

The following sample of materials are in multiple copies-classroom sets.
Earth and Space Sciences Lessons
Planetary Geology
Exploring the Moon
Meteorite Mysteries
Hubble Posters

And much much more...

If you want to get access to this material before VermontFest email me
separately from this list.  [log in to unmask]

Roger Crowley
Technology Coordinator
Main Street Middle School
Montpelier, VT 05602