The purpose of the Technology Coordinator endorsement is to address
programmatic leadership in the form of coordination and management, but NOT
to the level of network management, hardware or software support, or any of
those technical aspects. The drafts of the Technology Coordinator endorement
have NEVER entered that realm.

I think there has been a lot of conjecture and assumption without having the
draft to work with. Of course the conjecture and assumptions have been made
because this process has taken so darn long!

The purpose of the public review and comment is to get the drafts out there
for everyone to see and understand. We are close to that distribution
process but there are a few more questions about the process of implementing
the endorsements that need to be answered internally before that public
process begins.

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>shortly), the draft endorsements do NOT attempt to "license techies"
but are
>focused on the educational side of "educational technology", and there
is no
>test requirement.

Let me be sure I understand:  the Ed. Dept. is NOT intending to attempt
to license people like me who are not directly involved with student
education?   If so, hallelujah!  Forget anything I said about
professional certification.  Forget the handwriting I thought I saw on
the wall (my eyesight is getting so bad).  If it's not going to be
forced on us, I'm with Brian Hampton and others who say (more or less):
"let the local institution hire the personnel it feels it needs to do
the job it wants done."


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