GovNet does not own the k12 addresses.  Some of our schools left
govnet, but transferred their  domain names to the their new
ISP's.  Dave Kriendler at GovNet is easy to work with on this -
    With respect to staff mail, we use GroupWise which is a Novell
product, and run both internal and web access mail off our own servers.
I suggest avoiding Outlook.
Good luck,

Steve Jarrett
District Technology Coordinator
Mount Mansfield Union School District
Chittenden East Supervisory Union
(802) 899 - 3711

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Looking at the email addresses in this group, many school districts
such as U32, Hinesburg, Burlington, etc. have moved to email systems
other than Govnet for staff email.  We have had very poor success with
our staff to work with Govnet email due to the lack of Web based
The secondary possibilities such as Eudoramail on the web that allow
access have not been very successful either.  We are strongly
getting our own domain, and moving our staff to a low-cost email
who has good web access email with good features.

What experience have you people had with the transition? Most email
allow forwarding by the user. Can we do that with Govnet?

Some of your local systems look very good, and I'm sure your staff
being able to do their email from anywhere any time.

I understand about registering domains and setting up POP and SMTP
stuff, so I feel we would not have a lot of admin. work once set up.

I'm trying to help our administration with perspectives on this.

Any suggestions or pointers on this subject would be appreciated.

Regards,  Terry King ...In The Woods In Vermont
Waits River Valley School
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