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<< Tech Support (computer installation/repair etc.)
Network Administration (e.g., Novell or Windows Network Admin)
Tech Coordinator/Director (planning, policy, budgeting, wearing out
chairs in meetings, etc.)
Computer Teacher (teaches general computer skills to all students K-12
-- teacher contract)
Tech Integration Specialist (teaches computer skills to professional
staff -- possibly teacher contract)
Lab Paraprofessional >>

I like this list, keeping in mind as Paul pointed out elsewhere in his mail
that these categories are not pure.  Library-media specialists doubling as
techies, network administrators doing tech support, etc. Even the FTE figure
can be misleading.  In Barre it can mean a 187-day teacher contract or a
230-day administrator contract.  Big difference.  So maybe we need to be
specific on days rather than using the FTE.

So in Barre we have me, who does budgets, policy, supervision, planning, and
wears out chairs for an entire year (260 days).
one netork admiinistrator -230 days.
one tech support - 230 days.
0.4 tech support - two days/week year round.

Then a computer teacher, 1.5 lab parparofessionals and other library
paraprofessionals who deal with kids in the labs.

  Does someone want to take on the collection and regurgitation of this

Tommy Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union #61
Barre VT 05641
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