Is this with the Prosoft Client or NFAP?
If it is the Prosoft client, I talked with David Neil at Prosoft about
this issue. He said they were under enormous pressure to ship the
product and they shipped it before it was really ready. According to
David, the slp support in the client is supposed to be out in November.
There are also name space issues in the Prosoft client and that won't be
addressed until after the first of the year at the earliest. Basically,
if you connect to a Netware server and try to use a classic app that was
copied there using OS 9 or earlier, OS X does not see it as an
application. You can copy the app to the server from an OS X machine and
it will run in the classic environment on OS X but doesn't work with OS
9 (It is not recognized as an app). I wish Prosoft had held off the
release until they had a client that really worked. It is really still a

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I agree OS X.2 is great.  Although I can't connect to Netware 6 if I'm
running SLP....

  Any suggestions?

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