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>I like this list, keeping in mind as Paul pointed out elsewhere in his
>that these categories are not pure.  Library-media specialists doubling as
>techies, network administrators doing tech support, etc. Even the FTE
>can be misleading.  In Barre it can mean a 187-day teacher contract or a
>230-day administrator contract.  Big difference.  So maybe we need to be
>specific on days rather than using the FTE.

If everyone is serious about gathering this information (and it appears
that way from the number of responses), then I would also suggest
collecting data on another bit of information that would be helpful to
budget planners and the IT Dept staff.

What is the salary range that each position is receiving.  For this to be
usable for comparative purposes, the above info that Tommy suggests
(contract length) would need to be included.  I believe that this is
usually public information in most school districts.  This information
could be helpful in many ways: budgetary planning, ascertaining whether
existing salaries are in line with other school districts of comparable
support ratios, etc.

Bill, is this project something that you and your staff could undertake?
There seems to be quite a bit of interest out amongst the troops!

Fred Wadlington, Systems Administrator
Milton Town School District
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