I agree that there is no need to license “techies.” Districts don’t need special endorsements for hiring technical support staff and I know the Dept of Ed has a draft on the table that is trying to define the best of both worlds, technical/educational. This discussion is certainly helping.

If we are defining IT people exclusively as support personnel with non-educational jobs then again I agree that licensing is not needed. However, IT people includes Resource Educators, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment administrators and others that deal with the total business of IT educational environment. If we follow the thinking that “techies” only deal with the infrastructure, equipment, systems, etc. who bridges the gap or coordinates the IT educational environment, revises technology planning, supports professional development...? Somewhere there needs to be a blend of these two worlds and that person needs qualifications that are licensed by the state.

I think this is an evolving role that traditional administrators can not absorb. The technology changes in our schools over the last 5 years are incredible and everyone is feeling overwhelmed. This is an opportunity to add qualified IT people to deal with the educational aspects who also know something about the techie stuff. Finding the balance between these two worlds is what’s hard. It’s like blending republicans and democrats, PC and Mac users, Brits and Irish, . . . now I’ve started something!

Roger Crowley
Technology Coordinator (IT Resource Educator)
Main Street Middle School
Montpelier, VT 05602

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I agree with you in regards to the local board decisions. This will continue to be an interesting topic of discussion.

Paul Monette
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Thankyou Brian I think many of us agree.

Dennis Beloin

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I have been "following" this from a distant.

Why does the dept of ed need to license IT people?

I believe the local boards will hire and retain those that do the job as
they (the board)define it.


North Country Union High School