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At U32 we are running a 1 computer to 2 kids ratio.

1 Director/Network Admin /Techy / Cord. /Web Master / Software Engineer
1 Techy / Network Admin / Support / Web Master
3 Stipend Technology Leaders for the classroom

At the elementary schools  1 computer to 5 kids ratio 
1 .25 Director (me again)
2 full time Network Admins / Techy / Webmasters
2 partime Technology Leaders for the classroom

I think we need a true understanding of what a Coordinator does and a what a Director does.  Some of us are doing multiple rolls very well. 

Dennis Beloin

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Here at BFA-St. Albans

400 computers, 1100 students
2 FTE technicians (one who also administers the phone system)
1 FTE Integration Specialist/Video Specialist
1 Part time (5/11) Information Services Director (pushes paper with
hardware action, overall planning, web maintenance)
Contracted Network Engineer who we see 1.5 days/week

See ya',

Luke Cioffi
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> Hello Everyone,
> I'm trying to get a sense of what the average computer to technician
> ratio is in Vermont schools.  I'm beginning my budget planning process
> and feel this might help  (or hurt) my yearly plea for more help.. I
> also think this in info we can all use.  Here in Chittenden Central,
> have a 295:1 computer to technician ratio.  I know many of us wear
> hats, but how many people or hours are spent servicing machines?
> Thanks,
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