Here's an experiment with online organizing.  I woke up this morning,
listening to NPR, and was just disgusted.  Within an hour or so, I've come
up with this -- let's see where it goes.

I feel "war flu" coming on. The day the US declares war on Iraq, I envision
so many of us coming down sick.

We could make the west coast port management locking out the longshoremen
look like a minor blip in the economy.

George III told us it was patriotic to spend. I am another kind of patriot
--I feel such pain for my country that I'm sure I won't be able to get out
of bed to feed his machines, if he moves unilaterally to make war on Iraq.

If every person drew the phrase "War Makes Me Sick" on a piece of paper and
taped it in their back window, or their bike basket, or put it in their
front window, maybe it would be more clear what disgust we have for what's
going on.

If you want to buy something with "War Makes Me Sick" on it, go to -- otherwise, just slap the phrase on
anything, and show it off.

profits go to Not In Our Name

In memory of my father, pacifist and Unitarian Universalist minister Joseph
Nerad, and devoted to everyone who wonders how the meek can, indeed,
inherit the earth.

Pass it on, widely.

Shava Nerad
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