Can't quite remember the exact numbers, but I think day passes are at least
half, if not more of the skiers at MRG.  Shareholders are always around to
ski with and share reebs, but the coop does need a healthy load of day tix
to keep everything running.

As for conditions, on more than one occassion last year many of us found
untracked in some not-too-hard-to-find spots in what was a rough snow
year.  Couple the woods, the terrain, and the community - its something you
really don't want to miss out on.  Oh yeah, and the food is damn good, too.


>There's a lot of people who like to ski mad river regardless of conditions.
>If the chair is running you have a good chance of running into a pretty
good size group of regulars.

>are most of mrg lift tix via season pass? how did mrg weather last season

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