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> Looking at the long range models, seems what he is saying has some
> truth...Killington could be open in 7-10 days;

I suspect sooner.  I know Sunday River used to want a 72-hour
snowmaking window before firing up their system.  We could have one of
those starting Thursday night-ish...  Looks like a couple chances for
natural in the next 10 days too.  Hell, if the system modelled to come
out of the Gulf of Mexico in the next 72 hours runs further east than
the ETA says, the snowmaking window could have started last night.
It's 15 degrees on the rockpile this morning.

Argh!  And I have to stay in town this weekend -- I have gear in the
local ski swap... Speaking of, anyone want a pair of 1999 168cm Atomic
Beta-Race 9.20 with Atomic lift plate and bindings?  Bases and edges
are perfect, minor cosmetic abrasion of the topsheets.  $300.
Backchannel e-mail me for a full list, pictures, etc...

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