I mounted my 165s 1 cm ahead of center chord.  This was a tele mount but
that doesn't matter, there is no difference.  My reference point on the
boot was the tip of the toe box, not the tip of the boot.  I don't think a
cm + or - matters.  I owned a pair of Volkl P9 RS with ESS bindings for
years.  You could move the (Alpine) binding forward or back on the ski
over a range of ~ +/- 1.5cm (IIRC).  Thought it was a neat idea and was
constantly moving them in the beginning, forward for ice, back for powder.
 I noticed little or no difference.  Several times I discovered at days
end that one binding was all the way forward and the other all the way
back, and I had not noticed in the skiing.  Conclusion, it didn't matter
for me, YMMV.

Since all 4 edges matter equally in tele, there was never any question
about mounting the the CMHs assymetrically with respect to the centerline
of the skis.  I have seen this only on the original Atomic Fat Boys of 6-7
years ago.  They were mounted with the bindings noticeably offset side to
side so that you could pressure the inside edge of the outside ski.  This
was at the expense of ability to pressure the outside edge of the inside
ski.  I'd expect that to seriously change the way the ski feels in use and
to be an overall liability.

I am very happy with the way my CMHs ski.  I expected and accepted that
the 165 would trade performance for weight.  Haven't skied the longer ones
but on anything but blue ice the 165 is the most powerful ski I have ever
ridden and I rode 205 - 210s for years.  They also wriggle thru the trees
in a most pleasing manner.

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