After doing some research and renting a house in Plymouth, VT, I may go
ahead and buy a condo this year.

I have a few friends who have been renting with me and they will continue
to rent even if I am the landlord.  So I was thinking, why not buy a place
and have them offset the mortgage and fees and use summer income to pay for
a portion of it as well.

After looking through current listings and getting advice from the listers,
I was thinking about buying at Pico.  Although I would like Trail
Creek/Fall Line/Highridge, the inventory is not so good and a little out of
my range.  Pico falls right in line - also my wife will have our first
child in March, so Pico's relative closeness to the slopes may be okay.

I know the interconnect isn't in the works in the near future, so I don't
mind driving a bit to get to KBL.  Also, Pico maybe okay on the crazy
holiday weekends.

Any thoughts from the listers on my plans?  Should I go ahead and buy or
rent another year and hope prices and inventory get a little better?

Your help is appreciated.


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