Personally, I wouldn't want a condo up by Snowshed.  It's complete mayhem
there and virtually all the units are in the rental pool.  You're also
forced to get in your car and drive down the access road after skiing since
there's nothing up on the mountain.  Those places aren't ski-out so you
need to take a shuttle to tour bus hell at Snowshed... a pretty worthless
lift on a powder day.  If you must, Fall Line is built the best.  I own a
mile down the Access Road and pay the $230 for a preferred parking spot.  I
get from my front door to the top of the mountian far quicker than somebody
at the Snowshed condo row.

I think Pico is a much better alternative and a far better value...
particularly if you have children.  I have friends who gutted and re-did a
townhouse unit up on the hill next to the A-Slope.  Their kids are in the
ski programs.  Early and late, they ski Killington exclusively.  Midwinter,
they mix it up depending on where their kids are for the day.

If I had to do it all over again, I think I'd pick Sugarbush.  If you're
coming up from Boston, the drive time is similar and the quality of the
experience is much better.  From NYC, the extra driving might discourage me
a little but it's still probably worth it.

I can't imagine anybody on this list could tell you what the real estate
market will be like in Vermont.  The bust of 1990 is still too fresh in my
mind to say that prices won't tumble at some point.  If you're going to own
the place for 20 years, I don't think it matters so much.

Geoff, flatlander & evril K-marter

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