On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, Jeremy Malczyk wrote:
> Also, keep in mind that TEO forked out more money on his Ascensions that
> he's probably spent on food in the last 2 months. This, of course, proves
> that they are the best.

I resent that remark.  I bought a pair of Ascensions 2nds for under $100,
when they ripped, I sent them back for a new pair.

As for spending money on food.  This weekend, I spent $100 on lunch and
dinner, granted I was paying for two people.  The previous week I spent
$40 on Tuna Tartar and a handfull of Martinis (they managed to follow my
strict instructions well).  You are right, that I did not have to pay for
my two VERY GOOD meals in Atlanta last month (if anybody is every there, I
highly recommend Bachanalia--see the the Gourmet Guide in this month's

I may not pay alot for my car, but I will spend $$ on food, unlike a
certain cheapskate Clan that I know of. ;)

--Matt K.

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