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>"The Prophecy" left me a bit cold, though the athleticism of what the guys
>on screen are doing is undeniable.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at the amount of real skiing in the
movie. I expected a much higher ratio of rad-dudism. Yeah, there were
segments I didn't care for - like when they went to Spain to play in the
terrain park. I was thinking "They flew to Spain to ski in a terrain
park???", but then they eventually did focus on some big mountain skiing
there to redeem themselves.

>  The Vermonter in
>the mix of jibbers, Andy Woods, I believe, seemed pretty down to earth.

I was impressed by his interview. He's certainly more articulate and humble
than the typical new-skooler. He used very minimal if any twin-tipper
vernacular, which I was happy about. It was too bad that his only skiing
segments involved stunts and tricks (although bombing down a flight of
snowy stairs and eventually off two a story roof was kinda cool). He really
_can_ ski for real (I've seen it; quite impressive) and he did mention to
me that he hopes to be able to show people that, possibly in the next TGR.
He's still the new kid on the block though, so he's not exactly able to
call the shots.

>His parents were in attendance as well, and seem to know Matt Duffy pretty

They're really good people. I used to work with his father and have skied
with them often at Smuggs. They are quite excited about everything and have
been for a few years now. They have a 21 year old son who lives in a dream.
Also, they get all the Dynastar skis they could possibly want.

>Schmidt... ...told me they took a lot more footage of him
>but that it ended up on the cutting room floor and wasn't sure why...

That's too bad. His skiing style is amazing. I'd like to see more of that
graceful attack of steeps and incredible lines. You know what? Certain
nuances of his skiing remind me of someone whose home mountain is Mount

>Reality is a shocker some times...

   No comment.

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