Noelle helps dad with getting out the ''crackhead vote'' in jail

Jeb's daughter campaigning on behalf of her father in Orlando jail for 10

 Orlando, Fl. -- As a statement demonstrating the Bush family's high regard
for old-fashioned family-values, Governor Bush's daughter will be busy
campaigning for her father for the next 10 days in an Orlando County jail.
As Chair of the "Orange County Jail for Jeb" coalition, Noelle will serve as
a vital cog in the Governor's campaign to get out the vote.
"As you know, felons can't vote in this state, but there's a ton of inmates
charged with only misdemeanors who need to hear our message," said the
Governor. "Noelle will serve as a loyal disseminator of this message, in a
place that I wouldn't get caught dead at -- a jail with actual criminals."


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