I have no life.

I spent 38 hours this weekend creating a 25-minute feature documentary of
the 2002 Red Bull Snowthrill of Alaska in Haines.  Red Bull's Austrian PR
agency supplied me with the truly raw video, and I spent the weekend editing
the clips into a logical timeline, doing narration, adding a musical score,
and coding the whopping thing (the MPEG-2 version weighed in at 400 Mb).

Have you any idea how often Windoze ME can crash??

The video footage is amazing, both the heli scenery and the big-mountain
freeskiing.  Sure, there are stupid figure-11 lines (ever notice how those
guys sit on their tails??), but footage of Chris Davenport shows that he's a
definite cut above the rest.  Spinny tricks are kept to a minimum, only
really shown by 1 contestant (of course, it's one of the French guys!).

For dial-up users, this will frankly suck.  Even the Real version is 61.5
Mb, but hey ... it's nearly 25 minutes long.  For dial-up, start the
download when you go to bed.  Broadband users can stream the flick.  Go to
either or .

Now, being the needling perfectionist that I am, I'm not pleased by a few
elements: namely, the titles shoot by too quickly, and there's an annoying
flickering black line at the bottom of the video image.  While I'm working
to fix those, I've already got 38 hours invested in this (&*^%$&^% video
project, and I'm not going to hold up its release any longer while we work
out these final couple of bugs.  I'm compiling another version overnight, so
maybe by the time you read this, these bugs will be gone.

And unlike TGR's showing at Higher Ground, you don't even have to be wearing
some silly t-shirt while you watch the movie.

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