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>I am one who always likes a good deal.  I have found from having
>worked in shops, that it is very rare that one place has deals much
>better then another shop.   The problem is, they don't have the same
>items on sale so it is hard to compare sale items.
>The thing to keep in mind is, what happens if it breaks.   If you
>go into a shop with something broken, the first thing the shop
>want to know is - where did you buy it?   If you bought it from them,
>they will do far more to help you out.

I dunno, I usually take the Nick Malczyk approach- buy cheap and often,
and when it breaks, move onto the next pair.  Of course those who want
the full-retail treatment with warranty service will pay for it, but
"real steals" at distress sales can still be worth it. Merely
retail-discount isn't good enough though, since distress sales won't
have the hand-holding when it breaks, but often the distributors will
warranty the product anyway.

Only once have I returned skis under warranty, and curiously, it was on
a pair of Rossis bought at MEC in Vancouver, but the US distributor in
VT was willing to swap 'em out with the full knowledge that they didn't
even come from a US channel.

>I have believe in picking one shop and sticking with it.  Once
>they get to know you and know you as a regular, they will do
>more to keep your business.

True, but not everyone needs or wants the full retail service (or is
willing ot pay for it.)  Internet sales have definitely made if tough on
retailers though, since they have to compete on things other than price,
and internet buyers will still want to abuse retailers on warranty
issues. Not me- went direct to the distributors on my Rossis, after
getting a local shop to quote me a repair.  "Bent Rossis don't stay
un-bent for long, but I'll straighten 'em out for fifty if Rossi won't
replace 'em." was his assessment.  Fifty is my current price point on
mass market recreational skis- won't buy 'em if they're over that, even
undrilled.  Won't be takin' up retailers time on warranty issues though.


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