On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 09:19  AM, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN wrote:

> I went to the second show last night and had a blast.
> It was great to meet Scott Schmidt.   Have to say the
> movie made me feel old.

I must say, I liked this movie better than most big mountain park
jibbing token snowboard epics that I have seen in recent years.

The Prophecy itself, as depicted in the movie and voiced by Mr.
Schmidt, appears to to have been, "Once the 'athletes' start taking the
park moves out into the back country, then we'll see something
special." This was the recurrent theme of the movie, and what made it
stand out.

The various segments all seemed to focus on the athletes, rather than
focusing on the terrain. Yeah, occasionally they'd interject a caption
or even some voice-over indicating that these next three cuts were shot
at Jackson or the Bird or Bella Coola, but mostly it was here's JT and
he's cool and skis hard and party's hard. The latter was a constant
dichotomy: athlete, binge drinker. Fringe rebel as opposed to buffed
Olympian. I think I prefer the latter: I know which I'd rather see my
own son grow up to become (are Green Plaid and Skull Goggles

Afterwards, I talked a bit with Mr. Schmidt and asked him to sign some
posters. I had three old Salamon/POWDER magazine pull outs. He looked
at them and said, "Wow, these are old! Wow, you got them all! Wow, I
remember this one, lemme tell you a story..." Really nice guy, no

I said, "Maybe I'll see you out at Island Lake Lodge someday." He said,
"Book early. But hey, there are a few slots open to ski with me this
year. Check out !"

I did: $2400 per person to ski with him for three days, minimum 4
person package, does not include air fare to Fernie. What a deal.

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