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> Wow!  I'm now very late for work but it was worth it!
> Fantastic job by His Editorship.

Thanks, my friend.  Shows you what living like a hermit for a weekend can
accomplish. <g>

And FYI, the minor issues of border flickering and credits too quick to suit
my taste have been resolved.  The domain on which the movie
resides is getting hit like crazy.  From the server activity, it looks like
folks first drawn to the Red Bull movie are subsequently hitting lots of the
other movies as well (Jim B and Wesley, your IFSA Jay video seems especially
popular today).   Good thing that I moved this stuff to my own PC ... I
could never afford to serve up something huge like the Red Bull Alaska video
from my paid web host.

I got a special kick out of *how many times* a freakin' can of Red Bull
could show up on film, and in the most peculiar places.  The worst examples
even ended up on the cutting room floor, like a guy tipping back a giant can
of Red Bull silhouetted against the setting sun.  You know, folks at
Coca-Cola who spend big bucks to get their bottle into one fleeting moment
in a Hollywood film could learn a thing or two from these people.  I got a
special kick out of Kiwi Andrea Binning's deadpan comment when she seemed
blasé about the upcoming Big Mountain contest: "I'm sure after my tenth Red
Bull, I'll be even *more* excited."  Too funny.

Have at it, folks.  It's all good.  Ironically, after 38 hours of watching
the film over and over as I kept tweaking it, I still can't stop watching
the finished product.  The Real version is decently close to the full-size
MPEG-2 that I created.  Pierre-Yves LeBlanc's cartwheel over a few cliff
bands is particularly entertaining, as is Chris Davenport's abrupt halt atop
a cliff band of his own as the entire slope below him starts moving.

And a news flash: I just learned tonight that I'll be in Québec City for the
Thanksgiving weekend, and of course I'm bringing the sticks for some
turns -- maybe on Thursday on my own, and definitely Saturday with my son.
It's been a long time -- my 30-day season last year ended unseasonably early
at the end of February.  On the off chance that anyone will be in the area,
let me know and we'll make some glorious turns.  Leigh, if you can get a
hall pass, that'd be way cool.

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