Thanks to Linda E. Bunyan.  She is sending the issue of Lancet.  Medlib-l
really is a WONDERFUL resource.

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Sent: Monday, October 28, 2002 9:53 AM
To: 'Deborah Halsted'
Subject: RE: Lancet Journal

Deborah -
For some reason, Lancet keeps sending us duplicates of all 2002, so I have
the March 9. If you provide me with a mailing address, I can get this into
the mail today.

Linda E. Bunyan
Manager, Medical Library/Bookstore
Summa Health System
55 Arch Street, Suite G-3
Akron OH  44304
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"You must be present to win."

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Subject: Re: Lancet Journal

Greetings, all.  One of our clients (also part-time circulation staff) is
looking for the March 9 2002 issue of Lancet.  Her full-time boss at Baylor
College of Medicine would like to present a complete issue to a colleague
who published two articles in the issue.  We have checked our duplicate
journal shelves and contacted Lancet directly, but with no luck.  Does
anyone out there have a spare issue they would be willing to send to us?
Thanks in advance.

Deborah Halsted
HAM-TMC Library
Houston, TX
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> Here's what I am in need of and why, I am needing one single Volume of
> Lancet and it is because my Chairperson , Dr. Janet Butel from the Dept.
> of Mol.Viro. and Micro. , is trying to surprise a co writer of two
> articles in the Journal with the actual journal, now that is not a Journal
> that is received from the dept., but they did receive reprints of the
> articles , yet that is never the same as having the actual journal.
> Please I am trying to purchase the LANCET - March 9,2002- Vol.359 from the
> library to assist my Chairperson and since she knows I work for the
> library she didn't have much of a problem asking for my assistance.
> Perhaps you may be able to assist me.
> Thanks,
> Linda Muniz