GIMP is a great program.  It's awesome that it's being ported to
windows!  OpenOffice however still has a way to go.  There would be a
lot of training issues.  Linux has great server ability.  Linux-squid in
our district would make a great filter server, but for managing users
and shares most IT Coordinators are familiar with Windows ADs interface.

It's kind of like moving from a Mac environment to a windows
environment.  No one wants to do it and you can't force them.

David I would like to know when GIMP will be available for windows.  I
would love to deploy a low-no cost graphic editing software.


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Hi all,
I am interested in people's thoughts on this issue. The open source
software movement has grown by leaps and bounds. The best software that
only ran on opensource os's has been or is being ported to Windows and
Mac OS (It all already works in Linux and unix).
The real stars at this point are the GIMP (an image manipulation program
like Photoshop)and OpenOffice (similar to MS Office). Since acquiring
this software is either free or a negligible cost, why continue to pay
big bucks for closed source proprietary apps? We could save a lot of
money in our budgets by adopting opensource software. What does everyone
else think?

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