Except for the fact that openoffice doesn't have much that comes with it
in the way of templates, I think it is a fine program. If templates are
a concern, you could use staroffice. Sun microsystems lets you license a
building for $25.00. The advantage openoffice will have when the Mac OS
X port is complete, is that it will be the only office suite that runs
on Windows, Linux/Unix, and Macs (if you run OS X).

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>GIMP is a great program.  It's awesome that it's being ported to
>windows!  OpenOffice however still has a way to go.


I am interested in knowing more about your opinion regarding
One of the network admins here recently suggested migrating his entire
school from Microsoft to OpenOffice.  You say it still has a way to
I've never used it.  Can you summarize the problems, as you see them,
adopting it?

Thanks very much...


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