I'm looking at state field names.  Please help me understand what the
following fields refer to?  I have ideas, but want to get it right the
first time.

permnumber   (?state id number for students or locally created student
id number or other?)
sclidcode         (?state id code for a school, ex. PS050?)
generationcode  (no idea)

Also, are field names case sensitive?

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If you have the FMP Server started you do have to set all of the files
multi-user and your clients need to have TCP/IP set as the network

Are all of the clients on the same LAN as the server?


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> We need some help. We installed FMServer 5.5 on a NT Server and can't
> the clients to open the host files. We have put the host files in the
> folder as the FMS. Also, we want to put all of this is a different
> on the hard drive (not C). We have installed FMP6.0 on the client
> Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks,
> Brucie Donahue
> Northfield Schools.