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This happened with Gould's death. Of course I "filter" Landon out

I am sorry to hear that you filter out landon. He is actually filtering you out when he could easily defeat this blocking software  Sleep in peace. The problem is this list is brain dead, while Pinker is making a bundle at Amzaon rank #12.  I have yet to see anyone on the left make any intelligent statements on these issues. The reason is the bargain with untruth in the basic Darwinian theory.
Gould's valiant efforts are being cut to pieces, and I find that dangerous. The other half of Gould was a suppressed deception about Darwinism, which he must have know was failing or wrong, but never said so.
This incompetent 'left' Darwinism deserves to be fired, in the midst of this sociobiological triumphalism that bad Marxism and left idiocy cannot seem to deal with.

The problem with you people is that your brains ar filetered.

Joe Smooh