>Josť F. Morales wrote:
>>I don't know of another term that describes the deeply encrusted
>>position of opposition to technological developments that frequently
>>inhabits the left.
>Are you part of the left?

I describe myself as a progressive.  I don't know what you define as
left, but I'm defining the left broadly: any kind of oppositional
culture that is about anti-isms.

>I get no sense from your intervention around
>this question that you are engaged with the Marxist critique of
>capitalist agriculture, which differs substantially from various types
>of neo-Luddism, including green spirituality, etc.

I'm purposely not involved in agricultural issues directly.

>All technological "advances" in farming take us further and further away
>from the necessary solution, which is the resolution of what Karl Marx
>called the metabolic rift. This has been the subject of numerous
>articles published by John Bellamy Foster.

Interesting perspective.  All farming tech is making up for soil
fertility depletion. Hmmm.
Jose Morales Ph.D.