I agree with Johns statement in regards to ARDMS vs. ARRT, etc.  The gold standard is my comment and in no way am I implying that the ARDMS takes this stand (as the "gold standard")  I guess being a purist as well, I am saddened every time I hear that same story in regards to the ARRT boards being much "easier" than the ARDMS.

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>The point has been made. The ARDMS is obviously the ultimate credential. If
>one cannot pass the exam but can go and take another and pass "with flying
>colors". One who holds the ARDMS credentials has therefore much more
>didactic knowledge regarding the practice of ultrasonography than the one
>who holds another credential. The ARDMS is therefore the defacto "gold
>standard" and all those who cannot pass the exam but go on to pass another
>continue to validate the assertion.
>Kudos to all who hold the ARDMS credential and don't give up to those who do
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