I feel the same way.  The point can be made that the technology is "here" so why not use it....sure, only not strictly for entertainment purposes. I dont have a problem with an entity marketing the 4-D capabilities, but it should be used in conjunction with a complete ob u/s. not just for fun. I had an indepth conversation with a manager from "xyz" ultrasound corp. in Atlanta about this topic. I wanted to actually see "live" 3 or 4-D u/s (from a curiousity standpoint mostly) and I was told "due to the AIUMs' position on 4-d, they could not use a model to show it off". They went on to say that the AIUM was actually working with the FDA? to shut down these "womb with a view" u/s entertainment places.  Anyone know if this is gospel.

 On another wife has a friend who is going to pre-labor classes(not lamaze but "the other one"...I cant remember the name).....anyway...they preach all natural everything...even NO ultrasound. My wife inquired about the no ultrasound position these two "specialists" touted and they said "becaused u/s is causes harmful effects to the fetus such as....of all things...hearing damage, limb loss, brain damage, premature labor and can actually "boil the baby" !!!!! holy crap!!! Ive heard of microcavitation but................

needless to say Im OVER it!


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>Subject: Re: first look sonograms
>Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 12:48:10 -0500
>Be careful, I'm sure somewhere out there someone is saying "hey, that
>sounds like a nice service for the patient, maybe we should consider
>marketing it that way!" Why stop there, how about a web site where
>4D images could be posted so family members could log on and look at
>them? I agree....... this is sad, not what ultrasound should be used
>for. With companies like this offering these services, it is no
>that so many people think of ultrasound as a "toy" rather than a
>instrument. Just my opinion.
>Bill Beymer BS, RVT, RDMS
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