I now have accurate information concerning this
screening device.  It is called "Vasocor Vascular
Diagnostic Center"  They use the Framingham study to
predict risk of CHD, PVD, and Stroke.  They use
plethysmography to evaluate arterial compliance which
they have studies on showing this correlates with
Athersclerotic burden.  I'm sure this is where the
person who asked me to investigate this got the
plethysmography from. The next part is what caught my
eye.  They are doing Ankle Brachial Indices. However,
they are using automated BP technology.  I'm
comfortable with the nursing units using this
technology for brachial pressures.  I've not heard of
anyone using the automated BP technology for ankle
pressures.  I certainly have concerns especially in
those patients who do have significant disease and
faint pulses. Does anyone have any experience with
this equipment or have referrals from a primary care
MD who uses this equipment.  Do you get too many false
positives, false negatives??  Thank you again in
advance for your feedback.
Andy Wallace RVT, RDCS, RDMS
Manitowoc, WI

--- Andy Wallace <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> A sales person got to one of our networks Family
> Practice physicians and sold him on the idea of a
> screening device for PVD.  It sounds like the device
> uses a pneumoplethysmograph in some way.  I'm not
> sure
> of what criteria this equipment or perhaps the
> physician uses to define PVD.  This is supposed to
> be
> simple enough to use that CNAs or LPNs with very
> little training can use it accurately.  I don't
> believe he is looking to charge for the service only
> to use as a "possibly" more accurate method than his
> fingers on distal pulses.  Our vascular surgeon
> feels
> this device will over call PVD and we'll end up with
> a
> lot of normal segmental pressures on asymptomatic
> patients.  I've not heard of any "screening" device
> like this and am looking to see what others
> experience
> has been with something like this.  My experience
> and
> knowledge tells me the simplest and most accurate
> method of screening for PVD is ABIs.  Has anyone had
> any experience with a device of this type?  If not
> this type, any other simple device that can
> accurately
> be used in a Family Practice setting?  I looking to
> help them provide this service accurately.  I
> certainly have strong feelings about this but I'm
> not
> the one in control of this environment.  I can only
> try and have a positive impact.  Thank You in
> advance
> for any information you might have.
> Andy Wallace RVT, RDMS, RDCS
> Manitowoc, WI
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