Why stop at  two senators of the state you reside in? If you have the
time contact as many senators across the nation. Your representatives will
be notified a couple times over. Oh well...We at STAT Resources, Inc. have
approximately 270 active diagnostic imagers, in 5 state locations. All our
employees have been sent preaddressed form letters with fax numbers for 10
senators- for each of the 5 states that we are currently located. All they
have to do is sign, put what state they reside in and fax.
    Medicare cutbacks effects all allied health professionals, including
ourselves as future patients and our family members who are using Medicare
presently. The cutbacks are effecting the health care industry, period. I
agree make as much noise as you can. We are.

Debbra Hunt Soffer RT (R), RDMS, RDCS, RVT
National Technical Director.

We are proud to be recognized as an outstanding provider of diagnostic
imaging professionals. We look forward
to meeting your current and future staffing needs.
Debbra Hunt Soffer
STAT Resources, Inc.
"Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging and Staffing"
27 Blacksmith Rd
Newtown, PA  18940
email:  [log in to unmask]
phone:215 860 0500 or 877 404-7828 x136
fax:     215 860 2041
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> Thank you Steve. It was a pleasure to meet you in DC and I certainly
> your efforts via flownet. The 4.4 to 4.6% medicare cutback must be turned
> around and we must let our senators know this immediately. The lame duck
> sessions are meeting as we speak. The squeaky wheel gets fixed first.
> SQUEAKING loud and often. Thanks to all of you.
> Bonnie Johnson RDMS, RVT, FSVU
> SVU President
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> Subject: A cheaters guide to contacting your senator
> Further to my message from earlier about contacting your senator. It's
> this
> easy:
> point your browser to
> Use the pull down that is smack dab under your nose to find your senator
> by
> state.
> That will bring up the names of your two US senators with links to send
> them
> email.
> Write the words:  Dear Senator.  Please support the Medicare Fairness
> Initiative because it's necessary to maintain access to healthcare for
> Americans and I really would like to vote for you again next time (you
> don't
> have to be that manipulative of course but give them the message that
> this
> issue is important to you.  Elaborate to suit your self but do it.  It
> literally took me 90 seconds to write a blurb this morning.  Then copy
> this
> message to all your colleagues and get them to do it too.
> I urge you to take the next two minutes of your life to make a
> difference.
> Steve Knight
> Vermont
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