As a current ICAVL board member, I feel it is an honor and privilege to serve the ICAVL.  All of us on the board take our responsibilities very seriously. As a Flownet member, I just wanted to say a few things.

Let me say there is much discussion and research that goes on prior to any board decision.  Like any board, there are confidentially rules that apply to these discussions.  This particular decision on the ARRT credential was not made in haste.

ICAVL can NOT stop any group from setting up a credentialing exam or accreditation practice.  ICAVL and it's board set the standards for ICAVL.  We can vote to  accept that a credential offered by another organization meets well-defined minimum standards.   There are a few of these now.

What we on the board have for us to "hold the bar high" is our own (ICAVL's) Essentials and Standards.  It is in the pages of this document that we CAN mandate what is appropriate in terms of education, training, experience, minimum of number of tests performed, etc.  If a laboratory wants to be accredited, they must meet our standards.  An individual may hold various credentials (ARRT, RVT, etc.) BUT that credential alone will not get their labs accredited.

As Cindy Weiland stated, perhaps further questions can be directed to her.

Ann Marie Kupinski, PhD RVT
Karmody Vascular Laboratory
Albany Medical Center
Albany, NY

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