RT Image Volume 15 number 45 Nov. 11th 2002 page 16 article from the AIUM on AIUM Opposes Ultrasound for Entertainment (so does SDMS ) Go to www.fda.gov/cdrh/consumer/fetalvideos.html for information and the final statement is The AIUM remains vigilant in reporting companies that promote the use of ultrasound for entertainment to the FDA so that appropriate action can be taken. For more information call 1 800 638-5352 or visit www.aium.org
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Subject: Re: "First look Sonogram"

Does anyone on the west coast have any info on a company called "firstlook sonogram"

they are an outfit that charges $250+ for a "non-diagnostic 4d fetal ultrasound".  the site is quite comical offering "theater seating for up to 5 family members to view" as well as charge extra for 8x10 glossy and/or cd-rom to take home$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Does AIUM and/or FDA km\now about these folks???