The following is a campus safety advisory from Chief of Police Gary
Margolis. It is being distributed through a listserv reserved for priority
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Dear UVM Students:

I am writing to you in response to concerns that have been raised related to
the safety of students on campus. As President Fogel stated last week, the
university is reviewing security procedures and continuously working to
address crime and safety issues.

I want to address several pressing issues:

1)  Police Services is doing everything we can to apprehend the perpetrator
in the Tupper Hall robbery.  If you have any information regarding this
incident, please call 656-TIPS (8477) or use our web-based crime reporting
at Silent Witness.  You can choose to identify yourself or remain anonymous.

2)  Rumors are circulating that several sexual assaults occurred on campus
in the last few days. We have investigated these rumors and, to date, have
no reports of a rash of rapes or other sexual assaults that confirm the

3)  We know that under-reporting of date rape, acquaintance rape, and other
forms of sexual assault remains a problem on campuses nationwide. UVM is not
immune from this difficult problem.  Sexual assault is a serious concern to
us, and we want to ensure that victims/survivors feel supported and that
everyone is safe.  If cases go unreported, officials have no ability to
intervene and victims/survivors don't receive critical help and services
available to them.

You may wish to visit the following web pages for information and resources
designed to increase sexual assault awareness and prevention: UVM Women's
Center Advocacy Program and UVM Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Training.

UVM has an effective system in place to allow victims/survivors of sexual
assault to safely and confidentially report incidents and seek the services
they need. Please contact Anne Smith, our victim's advocate in the Women's
Center at 656-7892, if you need help or further information.

In light of these issues, I am reminding all students about the essential
role you play in improving your own safety and the safety of everyone on
campus. Let me highlight a few simple but effective measures you can take to
reduce your risk:

  a.. If you must walk alone after dark, choose well-lit and well-traveled
areas.  Consider using campus transportation.
  b.. Be aware of your environment and trust your instincts; unusual or
suspicious circumstances should be reported to Police Services at 6-3473.
  c.. Keep your residence hall room locked at all times.
  d.. Do not prop open exterior residence hall doors and re-secure propped
  e.. If you own a cell phone, carry it with you. Dial 911 in an emergency.
  f.. Be aware of the location of blue lights around the campus.
  g.. Report any suspicious activities such as suspected drug sale or use,
strangers in the building, or other concerns to residence hall staff or UVM
Police Services (6-3473, 6-TIPS, or Silent Witness).

Please visit Police Services Crime Prevention Tips for additional crime
prevention and risk reduction information.

We are working hard to ensure that UVM's campus is as safe and secure for
all students as possible, but we can't do it alone. We must work together in
this effort and I hope you will do your part.

Questions or concerns may be directed to my office at 656-3473, or via
e-mail to [log in to unmask]

Thank you.