I also don't have lots of experience with Swainson's Hawk, but the
description omits an obvious mark on the species -- dark undersides to the
flight feathers, often in contrast to the lighter wing linings. "Compact"
also isn't exactly how I'd describe Swainson's. Rough-legged (while also
not exactly compact) may be a good bet on that one.

Glad you relayed the report anyway, Chris. Thanks.

Bryan Pfeiffer

>I hesitate to post this, but it sounds reasonably convincing.  Anne August of
>Wake Robin in Shelburne just called me and reported what she believes was a
>Swainson's Hawk on Bostwick Rd at the foot of the Wake Robin driveway 2 days
>ago (5 Nov).  She described a "compact" Buteo with distinctly chocolate-brown
>chest and pure whitish underparts below.  I'm no expert on raptor ID, but it
>sure sounds like a light morph adult Swainson's.  It's too bad she didn't call
>sooner, but some Burlington area birders might want to take a look.
>Good luck,
>Chris Rimmer
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>Woodstock, VT 05091
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