We met fellow birders on Sat while checking out Tomhannock Res. along Rt 9
between VT and Albany, NY.  They were telling us of serious die-offs of
ducks and geese along the Great Lakes due to botulism. Does anyone know
more about this?

This reservoir is a great place for fall birding.  We had good numbers
hooded and common mergs,  ruddy ducks and common goldeneye.  The Canada
geese numbers were not large.  No loons, snow geese, ring necks,
buffleheads. etc.  One immature bald eagle, one yellowlegs, l pectoral

There's a nearby farm pond that yielded widgeon, 2 pintails, 2 green winged
teal in addition to cago.

Just filled my yard feeders on Nov. 8.  Along with the usual bcch, blja,
tuti, wbnu, juncos, etc., I hosted a lone purple finch yesterday.

Ruth Stewart

E. Dorset, VT