I looked briefly today midafternoon at Charlotte Beach: no waterfowl
basically out in the wind and waves (just a couple black duck)

However at Shelburne Bay, where it was more protected from the wind there
was more activity:
single Horned Grebe and Common Loon and beautiful male Hooded Merganser
several black duck and Common Merganser and many Common Goldeneye
lots of Mallards and C. Geese of course
(plus usual gulls and some Bonaparte's)

At home in Shelburne on the 16-17th had a late Chipping Sparrow

and got my highest crow count ever at home (by 10 times) on the 16th, late
morning, when 987+ streamed by headed south over Beaver Creek during a
period of maybe 60 minutes
Larry Haugh

>------ Forwarded Message
>Wayne - The storm seems to have brought in the first big flock of goldeneye
>(about 80) with one drake Barrows among them, also one female bufflehead and
>about 6 horned grebe - all off Mud Is. 11/18  Judy.