mR. mOGUL writes:
> Considering the costs of electric power in VT, and
> considering that I know about how much power costs for
> a large industrial plant, I would venture to guess
> that during the winter the electric power bill per
> month to draw 18MW continuously (I suppose they only
> draw that much while making snow, i.e. night time)
> is well over half a million dollars.

And you're neglecting the other pumping stations. There's the new one they
built near the old Northeast Passage base lodge to push the water they
siphon from the Woodward reservior up into the resort.  There are also a
lot of pumps at Bear Mountain.  Then consider that you're only talking
about the water part of the mix.... the air compressors run off diesel.
Killington must have one helluva large energy bill.

There was a lot of discussion a few years back about running a natural gas
pipeline to the proposed base village.  I think that went the way of Enron.

The mighty K-Mart snowmaking system is in full swing consuming that 1.21
jigawatts.  When I bailed out for the flatlands late Sunday morning, they
were blowing lower Chute down to the Snowdown Quad,
Skyelark/Highroad/Bittersweet, Snowshed, and Cascade.


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