Revenge of the Telemarkers is great inspiration.  The technique you see in
it is dated.  Those guys (John Brownlee & Brandy Haddick) are fantastic
skiers, mind-blowing when you consider the equipment they were using, but
don't copy the technique on your modern equipment.  R of the T changed my
view of tele.  In the beginning I considered tele on such things as Tuck's
to be impossible for mere mortals.  At the end of my 3rd tele season I did
it.  I met John on HoJos porch one day, got to talking and asked if he had
seen R of the T.  His reply, "Seen it?  I'm in it."  So of course I asked
his name.  He told me, but with a kind of sharp edged attitude.  The movie
never really gives a good view of his face but I could see the
resemblance. I didn't blame him, knowing how I would feel about groupies.
Then I told him very sincerely that I started tele in my late 40s and that
this movie was my inspiration, please keep making movies.  We had a nice
talk after that.

For instruction, get the greatest, simplest, most clearly written ski
instruction book ever written, Paul Parker's Free Heel Skiing.  It is now
in it's 3rd edition, and each new edition, incredibly, gets simpler,
shorter, and better.  I recommend it to every skier.  It is fully as
useful for alpine skiers as for tele skiers since it treats parallel
skiing too.  I like Allen & Mike's book too, it's short & pithy but for
real understanding I go to Parker.

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