Quoth Todd Fisher <[log in to unmask]>:
|I don't know how much tele experience you have but the T-Race might not be
|the best boot to learn on.  I spent a full season on the T2 before I felt
|that something with a little more guts would be needed for agro steeps and
|deep crud.

That much boot never appealed to me, but I've been on several
backcountry day trips with folks in T-Races.  Not just skinning
either--I'm talking 1-2 mile scree and talus approaches, downclimbing,
etc.  T-1 class boots are also seen in the backcountry.  I suppose the
real issue is whether you can flex the boot--both the cuff and the
bellows.  I knew Super G's were "too big" for me because it "felt"
like I was more likely to pry the binding off the ski than bend the
boot itself.

And Leigh, you can always look for a set of Thermoflexes.  I've seen
the scale readings--T'flexed T-1's are lighter than stock T-2's.  You
could knock a pound or more off your T-Races and get a custom fit.
There may still be a few available dirt cheap on Telemarktips,
depending on your shoe size.


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