>   The 40" rule is for general woods skiing in northern Vt, excluding Jay -
>which lives by it's own rules.  Last year was an exception.  It took so
>long, and there were several freeze thaw cycles, most of the rocks and
>stumps were at least iced over.
>  Maybe you missed the young jedi warrior thread a couple years ago.

Being the aforementioned young Jedi, I can say that I learned that lesson
the hard way.  I'm not sure what made me think it was doable, but I thought
New Frontiers at MRG was skiable with about 12-18 inches of snow.  It's not.
  Not even close.  I usually end up learning things the hard way instead of
listening to my wiser elders.

While we're on this topic I thought I'd bring up this nugget of what I think
is breathtaking stupidity at its finest.  Last night my roommate Dave stated
that he was going to head out to California for Christmas break and ski Mt.
Shasta.  Keep in mind that Dave is a rather lousy skier, has only skied for
two years and has an astounding half day of backcountry skiing experience to
his name.  I tried to caution him and tell him to at least wait until
springtime.  Dave would hear none of these and promptly dismissed my advice.
  Anybody have any thoughts on his plan?  Should we start a pool to see how
far he makes it up the mountain before turning back or getting the chop?  I
don't plan on discouraging these plans of his again.  The fool needs to get
his ass kicked by the mountains before he'll learn.


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