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|As far as Shasta goes, that's glaciated, isn't it?

Oooh, forgot about that.  Luckily, he'll probably never get near any
glaciers.  The only road plowed in winter is the highway to Bunny
Flat, and that accesses the unglaciated south and southwest sides.  Of
course, it also leads to the aptly-named "Avalanche Gulch" route.
Those I've known who've done winter ascents usually start there and
hit the Sargent's or Casaval RIDGE routes.  Of course, these are
technical snow/ice/rock routes with fully-exposed high camps.

Here's a good website for the curious:

ShASSta's kicked my butt twice: once due to blue-ice suncups and
knee-deep scree, and once due to thunderstorms and sheer size.
Haven't even tried it in COLD weather yet!

|Speaking of glaciers, climbers rope up to deal with the dangers of a
|crevase fall.  Never having been on a mountain outside the northeast,
|however, I have no first hand experience with them.  How do skiers and
|riders deal with threat?

The MITOC folks who've done this actually *have* roped up while
skinning/traversing snow slopes with bad exposure.  I've heard stories
of people skiing roped up, but trip reports I've seen for Shasta and
Rainier have usually involved roped climbing and unroped ski descents.
You ski the route you ascended and have faith that skis will bridge
hidden crevasses.


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