I would have loved to try the ditch-hook, if I had a glimmer of a chance to.
  Once the slide started I was accelerating.  Literally the tires were
sliding faster than they were previously turning.

Anyone want a great running 94 Pathfinder SE, cheap ?

From: Adrenochrome <[log in to unmask]>

What he said.  I don't know that corner, but it sounds like the only
thing that would have saved Todd would have been a ditch-hook.  That's
when you deliberately drop the inside front wheel off the road surface
just before the corner.  Expect the back end to step out as the
outside rear wheel goes in the air.  Let it happen, don't brake, stay
on the gas, and keep your front wheels pointed the direction you want
to be going at the end of the curve.

Don't try this at speed, if you're uncomfortable with being in
vehicles travelling in directions in which they aren't pointed, or
(especially) if you have emotionally close passengers who are
uncomfortable with vehicles travelling in directions in which they
aren't pointed...  It really is a last ditch move for when you know
you've over-cooked a corner.

From: "Jeremy Malczyk" <[log in to unmask]>

 > I have a feeling the only thing that would have kept him on that
 > would have been studs, which are not terribly practical for someone
 > drives around Boston. AWD wouldn't really have helped at all, that
turn is
 > on the descent. Maybe 4-low, but you would have had to be in that
 > before you started sliding. ABS brakes might have helped your cause,
 > if it was as slippery as I think they may have backfired too...
 > you're just screwed.


 > If you can see a fall-away turn situation like that coming, a good
 > to do is drive on the inside of the turn -- that way you fall into
 > ditch and not off the edge. Of course, if it sneaks up on you,
 > SOL.

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