Using the "a picture is worth 1000 words" idea:

But, of course, I'll screw it up and add a few words...

Stowe is blowing snow on the traditional first to open North Slope /
Lord combination.  Currently, natural coverage is a little thin on the
Gondola side, and pretty good on the Quad side.  I went for Nosedive.
The bottom half (below the junction of Nosedive and Goat / National)
was a little on the thin side, but ridable if you had a rock board.
The portion between that junction and the 3 turns up top was very nice
indeed.  There was actually enough snow for me to bury the nose of my
board and come to a halt at one point, and that wasn't in a waterbar.
I didn't venture up into the 3 turns area, so I don't know what it rode
like up there.

A little bit of crust in a few spots.  All the waterbars were covered,
but still interesting.  Enough snow on the ground to get a little float.

My journey uphill was via Nosedive - Cliff Trail - Rimrock.  Rimrock,
as can be seen in the pictures, was undisturbed before I got there.  I
though about riding it so I could get a before and after picture (and
first tracks), but it's a little too low angle.

Some hikers on their way down said the deepest snow they had found was
on National, just in case anyone needs to scratch an itch.

I'd imagine a Stowe opening is due within a week, but I have no inside
information about one yet.
Jason - "redraobwons"

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