On Sunday, November 3, 2002, at 06:13  PM, Jimski wrote:

> Jason, You have a neat photo album.

Thanks.  I haven't put a lot of effort into it.  It's pretty much just
pushing a few buttons on my mac.

> What kind of car is that?

As Tim Watson pointed out, a MINI Cooper.  So, which has more quirks, a
British car or a French car?  :)

> Why didn't
> you turn the wheels all the way one way to get a better angle on the
> tires?

It was cold and I'm lazy.  And the MINI message boards are full of
people taking pictures of the fancy new alloy wheels they put on their
cars, so my joke was to post a message with a subject of "my new
wheels" and then show the 15" steel wheels.

> The best of all are the Apr. 12, 2002 Stowe shots.  Maybe some day
> when the
> snow is good I can get over that way to meet up with you or someone who
> could show me how to get to those remote places you show.

It's more fun when the snow is bad  :)  Seriously, most of my really
good days have been ones when I went not expecting anything and the
snow gods surprised me.

>   Some of the best
> times I have had skiing were with a skivtler at Smuggs, Jay, ect.  I
> gotta
> get a little more exposure to Stowe's treasures.   Jimski

Sure...  As I've said many times I'm there pretty much every Saturday
and Sunday.  I have to work some of them, but even when I'm working I
have some free time to meet people.  Of course, if you go with me you
have to spend time with a boarder.  :)  And a lot of that stuff I was
shown by other listers.

Jason - "redraobwons"

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